Hi, I’m Susan

Many years ago after a long-term marriage with 4 children, I went through a difficult high conflict drawn-out divorce. Communication with my soon to be ex spouse was challenging. My emotions were getting the best of me. I couldn’t think clearly or think through decisions without a ton of stress because everything seemed like life or death. And, I was worried about my kids and how they would handle all of the loss and many changes as a result of the divorce.


A long purposeful path has brought me here to coaching. I worked hard to manage all parts of my divorce- I set boundaries, I found the high road, I made thoughtful decisions with a clear head and got into the best shape of my life. Pretty soon others who had been watching began to refer family and friends to me for guidance.


My own experience informed me about the process, the stamina and patience it takes, the hazards of emotional decision making, and other mistakes that can be costly and have far reaching consequences. Also, the incredible things that I learned through many years of facilitating lessons for kids in the Rainbows Program whose parents were divorcing let me know best and worst parenting practices.


So, I pull it all together – my experience with divorce, my background as preventative health nurse, workout enthusiast, yoga teacher, and my extensive training in divorce coaching to support people to have a better divorce and parenting experience than they otherwise would have had and hopefully spend a lot less money!


Why should you hire me as your Divorce Coach?


Experienced in Divorce


  • Certified Divorce Coach

  • Knows the steps

  • Knows the decisions

  • Knows the questions you should ask your spouse as well as your attorney (and some you don’t even know that you should ask).

  • Knows the common traps that lead to bad decisions

  • Keeps clients from making mistakes and rash decisions that will affect their future


Been through it myself and life is good again


  • My own divorce made me smarter. Ask me about my lessons learned. 

  • Learned the hard way that emotional decisions may not be in your best interest

  • Put the well being of my kids as top priority and have succesfully co-parented.

  • Learned to cope well with the emotional hurts of divorce

  • Channeled my energy to feel strong, healthy and fit again

  • When I was ready to date, I did some self-reflection, acknowledged my part in the marriage falling apart and  developed tools to avoid missing the same “red flags”

  • Found love again


Comprehensive approach to health & well being


  • Nursing background in preventative health gives me an understanding of how the brain and body handles stress. I provide my clients strategies on how to calm down the stressed out fight or flight brain and re-activate critical thinking before making decisions or responding to a spouse

  • Certified Yoga Teaching experience helps me to inspire clients to embrace self-care practices and mindfulness in the moment

  • Tools and strategies for your own best health, and in relationships with friends, family, and children

  • Guidance on when and how to date. How to set realistic expectations, what to look out for, and how to avoid more emotional harm


You’ll feel comfortable…and maybe even laugh a little!

  • Clients often tell me how comfortable I make them feel and how much better they feel after a session

  • Objective. Non-judgemental. Confidential.