A Certified Divorce Coach is an objective professional,  trained to listen, encourage, support, motivate and inspire people at any stage of the divorce process to acknowledge and understand their emotions, values, and priorities so that they can move forward in the most productive and least costly way possible.

The American Bar Association recognizes and support Divorce Coaching as a dispute resolution process and defines it in the following way:

“Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”

  • Avoid the most commonly made mistakes
  • Move past the emotions, overwhelm, and fear to make good decisions for you and your family
  • Get organized for the process
  • Find professional resources 
  • Save money by working more effectively with your attorney
  • Communicate and co-parent with greater ease
  • Help you to uncover your best decisions, best self, and help you move forward to your newly defined best life!

As a Certified Divorce Coach our journey together can start from any place in the process:

You may be considering divorce for a variety of reasons but feel fearful and uncertain, or perhaps the financial aspects seem daunting.

You may have decided to get divorced and don’t know where to begin.

You may be in the process of divorce and suffering.

When you work with me, these are some of the ways that I can help you to have a better experience getting divorced.

I can help you:

  • Understand the process, make choices about the way to get divorced that works best for you.
  • Find the right attorney, financial planner, and/or other professional resources.
  • Get organized to work more efficiently with your attorney.
  • Facilitate the shift from emotional to critical thinking driving the decision making.
  • Avoid the most commonly made mistakes in divorce.
  • Set goals and make an action plan.
  • Reduce expenses associated with your divorce and divorce attorney.
  • Decrease conflict by working through best communication practices with your spouse, especially in co-parenting.
  • Work through what has got you stuck, or hurting, angry or fearful.
  • Maximize your ability to get to your best negotiations.
  • Create a vision for your future moving forward.
  1. Should I stay, wait, or go?
  2. What’s the list of key decisions I need to prepare for?
  3. How do I work through the overwhelming Financial information and discovery?
  4. How do we (I) tell the kids?
  5. How to handle new social situations?
  6. How to handle the Holidays…either with kids or alone for the first time.
  7. What are the top mistakes I should avoid during divorce?
  8. Co-parenting tips during divorce.
  9. Communication strategies in high conflict divorce.
  10. Minimizing impact on the kids’ well-being.
  11. How to maintain my emotional and physical health at this stressful time?
  12. How will I make it through this?
  13. Should I give up the home I raised my family in… how do I do that?
  14. When is the right time to start to date- and how do I start?
  15. How to build a great life moving forward!

That’s a great time to begin working with a coach. It’s very common that my clients meet me for the first time before they have decided to get divorced. Together we can explore the options of how to repair your marriage to stay; how to decided to leave; how to prepare to leave with a plan, or how to begin the divorce process.

Working with a coach before you talk with your spouse can ensure that you are prepared and have set yourself up for the best possible way forward.

It’s important that this is a well thought out process.

Therapy, also known as counseling tends to focus on your childhood, past traumatic events,  behaviors, and perceptions. A looking backward so to speak. 

Divorce Coaching is a pivot forward. We start where you are and put a plan of action together to get you to where you want to be. I will help you to clarify your vision for your future, identify any obstacles, listen closely to what you are and are not saying, we will set goals, you will feel empowered to make decisions, and feel in control of your emotions and outcomes.

Money is frequently a critical issue in divorce. A Divorce Coach costs significantly less than an attorney and provides a complementary service to the client. I have worked with several attorneys who say, “I need my clients to know… is this a call for my Attorney, my Financial Advisor, or my Divorce Coach?” Attorneys offer this to maximize the possibility of the most positive and minimally costly divorce process and to enable questions or problems to be resolved by the appropriate professional.

Clients who work with a Divorce Coach have a better chance of to getting the outcome they desire with less stress and less money spent.

I cannot and do not provide any legal advice or guidance. You will need to get your legal information from a Family Law Attorney in your area because states can vary with their laws.

I coach men and women. However, at this point I do not coach couples. 

During the complimentary consultation you will be given the opportunity to detail what your current status is with regard to your marriage. After listening, I will offer some suggestions for the way that I believe Divorce Coaching could support you. If we agree that we are a good fit, you can schedule your first appointment and get started on your way to a better experience than you could’ve imagined.

Yes. I am able to be your coach wherever you are! I coach many of my clients over the phone and via video conferencing tools like Zoom or Facetime. If you live in the Chicagoland area, I am available to meet with you in-person and for people in Southwest Florida- I am there from time to time as well.

I offer a coaching package to my clients that can be as few as 3 One-Hour Sessions or select the 8 One-Hour+4 Mini Session Package. *Read More on my Work With Me Page under Pricing.

Appointments are available Monday thru Friday – Saturday and Sunday by request. When you press on any of the Schedule Buttons on my website you will be directed to my Scheduling Calendar to schedule your free consultation call. If you cannot find a time that works for you, or you need a time outside of my regular hours please send me an email at Susan@Susankiernancoaching. com or complete the form in my Get Touch section. I will make it work!