It is truly my passion to help people have a better experience in divorce. 

With a divorce coach as your objective support partner it is possible!

When the time together comes to a close in supporting my clients, I reach out to ask for an evaluation of our time together. It is totally optional to complete the form. Here are a few comments my clients and other divorce professionals have been kind enough to share:

"Before working with you I was anxious, confused and almost in a panic mode. You were awesome in so many ways. You supported me beyond my expectations. I am a better person for having known you and I would recommend your services to any man or woman facing divorce. It was so helpful to recognize the ways I was being triggered and how to respond and not react. You helped me to put up boundaries to protect my heart and communicate my worth in an effective way without conflict nor overreacting. I now realize what I deserve in a relationship vs. settling.
You helped me realize my worth. You are an invaluable resource."
Joanne Samuels, Client
Nurse Manager
"When Susan was recommended to me by a friend, I was angry and taking care of my kids by myself. Susan helped me find an attorney, map out my finances, and calm down. I used her to help me work through some tough things rather than venting it to my attorney."
D. Goenig, Client

"Susan is a great listener. When I found her I was physically sick and run down from trying to hold my marriage together. We worked through me trying to fix my marriage. When my marriage couldn't be saved, Susan was there to support and guide me. I would have been lost without her. I am divorced, no longer sick, and doing great. Susan even guided me through my first experience dating in 25 years."
K. Santorini, Client
Stay at home mom
"Excellent Divorce Coach. Susan's clients are calm, focused, and prepared to evaluate their financial and custodial options."
David Roop, Family Law Attorney
Roop, Xanttopoulos, Babounakis PLLC
"Even though I was very organized when I began the divorce process, I was also very unsettled and anxious as to how everything would proceed. My emotions-conscious and unconscious were constantly unraveling and there were many, many moments I was not convinced the process would ever end. In hindsight, I was a mess. You helped to calm the uncertainty by patiently staying with me, providing solutions and thoughts to consider, reviewing documents from time to time, sharing insights/issues and routinely reminding me that I was doing great and the process would definitely end at some point. You really bring clarity to a very muddy situation. Given the 22 months it took to resolve my divorce, there is no way I could've gotten through it as well as I did without you. The price tag for my divorce was not cheap but it cost so much less-and I even ended up with a better settlement than from when I originally filed- having you on my team. You definitely helped me to stay "steady-calm-firm"."
B.I.M. Client
"Before working with you I was lost and angry and had no idea how to navigate this process. I felt terrible, negative and every day was a struggle. You helped me with the logical side of this and how to deal with my anger. I feel as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am very grateful for all of your services. I felt as if I was drowning and now I am ok. I did not know services such as these existed. You made this process so much easier and your knowledge and compassion are well worth any money spent."
Brittany J., Client