Are you ready to have a better experience getting divorced than you thought possible?

Divorce is hard. It is probably unlike anything you have ever done. I offer a complimentary consultation to talk about what's going on for you and how divorce coaching can support you to have an overall better experience. Together we can separate the emotions of divorce from the business of divorce.

Hi, I'm Susan

Many years ago after a long marriage with 4 children, I went through a difficult divorce. I experienced first hand how challenging the process could be mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally. A well traveled path has brought to me to divorce coaching. My own divorce informed me about the costs, legal process, stamina and patience it takes, the rollercoaster of emotions and the perils of emotional decision making. My varied experiences facilitating lessons for children whose parents were divorcing, my background as preventative health nurse, yoga teacher, and my extensive training to become a divorce coach have all come together to enable me to use all of my knowledge and skills to support people to have a better divorce and parenting experience and spend less money!
More About Me


  • You have felt unhappy for a long time. You cannot do this any longer... not this way. How can you get some clarity about what the next steps are for you? Together we can lay out a plan for you to stay, wait, or go. Move forward to a better life with knowledge, clarity and a well thought out plan.

  • Divorce is likely not something you just know how to do. The process, the emotions, and the decisions are all encompassing and challenging, and happening while you are trying to manage your otherwise busy life. We will have strategy sessions to conquer what is most pressing for you.

  • Is your divorce in the final stages? Or perhaps it has been final for awhile and somehow you expected that you'd be feeling better by now...but it's not getting better. Let's chat. Let's chat about what is going on in your life, about what the obstacles are, and how to move forward.


  • Navigating your feelings and figuring out next steps in the divorce process are beyond overwhelming. I am so fortunate to have had Susan to assist me in sorting it all out.

    Erin Harrel PhD Consultant
  • She has tremendous personal experience which makes her a sage advisor to parties similarly situated and she does so without a gender preference. She is completely honest and her integrity is without question. Aside from those attributes, she is an excellent communicator and knows how to balance the degree of empathy she would need to express to her clients.

    John "Jack" E. Long, Jr. Family Law Attorney, Long, Murphy & Zung
  • I was introduced to Susan Kiernan through a friend she helped during her divorce. She said Susan was a great listener and helped her feel more in control and empowered in her divorce. Now that I am going through an unexpected divorce, I am using Susan and having the same great experience with her. She is truly passionate about helping people through their divorce.

    Joelle Sanders, Client Auditor

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